Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kilus and La Mesa Eco Park

The problems in Brgy. Ugong, Pasig is about their trash because there are a lot of plastics from tetra packs and they do not know where to put them.

The people in Barangay Ugong in Pasig are not letting their problem about their trash to worsen. Especially their trash from their used tetra packs. They formed Kilus which makes different products from recyclable tetra packs or the different nonbiodegradable food packagings.

We noticed that the La Mesa Eco Park is a very clean place and they really give importance to God’s gift to us, our environment. They keep La Mesa Eco Park orderly and clean by putting signs that tell the people not to throw trash anywhere. They also have different trash cans that they placed in different areas inside theEco Park. Because of their trash cans, you will really learn to segregate your trash properly because they have different kinds wherein you will put different types of trash like recyclable, and biodegradable kinds of waste. There are also helpers hired to maintain the cleanliness of the whole place to make sure that there wouldn’t be trash everywhere.

We learned a lot from our experience when we went to Kilus and La Mesa Eco Park. We knew and discovered different plants. We didn't expect the kinds of plants that we saw to be found in the Philippines. We realized that we should take care of our environment because without it, we cannot survive. With every little thing we do, we can conribute a lot of things to make our environment cleaner and more beautiful.

A simple thing that we can do about our problem in our environment is by starting with ourselves. We are going to start in our own houses and in our school. We should always think about the things we are buying if they are contributing to the increasing trash in our environment. Like not buying things that can easily be destroyed which, afterwards, will be put in our trash cans. We should also be a good example to others by reusing things that can still be used. Another thing that can help our environment is to segregate ones trash properly. It can become a big help because it will add order to our environment.

Being a student, we dream about a simple community. That simple community is where everyone is in good terms. One way to turn our dream community to a reality is by making friends with the people whom you are not getting along well with. We will ask for forgiveness to the people we have hurt and we will also forgive the people who have hurt me. Anoter way to reach our dream is by showing your goodness and by being a good example especially to the youth because we believe that we can become a good influence to the people whom we are often with.

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