Thursday, January 14, 2010

Using the 5Rs

Recycling is one of the least we can do to help save our environment. It involves processing used or waste materials so that it can be used again. In simpler words, you can make something from your own trash instead of contributing to our rapid increasing number of trash. A lot of materials can be recycled, such as, paper, plastic, metal, and glass. These materials can be turned into something very useful without even needing a lot of materials to make new things. A lot of people nowadays recycle their tetra packs or other food packagings to make bags, ornaments and accessories which are being exported to different parts of the world. For a lot of people, trash can also be beneficial for them to live because through trash, they earn money. It’s not hard to recycle, so everyone should make this a habit to make our world a better place to live in.

Another way to help save the environment is to reuse. That is why we should always remember to reuse things. We can do this so we can avoid buying the same thing that we already have which could be used again. For example, we can reuse plastic bags after using it. By doing this, we are lessening the plastics that are produced by companies. We can also reuse plastic utensils at home because in this way, we are avoiding more production of these products. We should all try to do this at home so we can help save the environment through our own little ways.

Repairing is one good way to help save Mother Nature. If we have things that are slightly broken, we can still try repairing or fixing it instead of buying brand new. For example, we have a pair of shoes that is slightly broken, we can still try fixing it than throwing it and buying a new pair of shoes. By repairing, we can save money and we can also help lessen trash in our environment. We can also conserve our natural resources and save more for our future use. So why buy brand new if we can just repair?

Another way to make a positive encroachment on the environment is by reducing the amount of rubbish we create. Reducing trash is simply minimizing everything we consume in our surroundings. One way of reducing trash is by composting vegetable scraps and yard waste instead of disposing. Another is by keeping disposable goods to a minimum like using real cloth napkins instead of paper towels. With reusing and recycling, it'll be easier for us to reduce and this could be a great effort in saving the environment.

We should refuse buying unnecessary things that are not really needed in our daily lives. We should learn to budget our money for the things we really need. Refusing is one way to conserve money and thus we can also conserve natural resources in our environment that help in preserving Mother Earth.

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